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Fast Car Physics

Chuck Edmondson
Johns Hopkins
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Mark Bollman
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There are several books on the market that explain the laws of physics by grounding them in familiar settings. Looking around my office, I see titles like Physics of Baseball, Physics of Golf, and The Physics of Christmas. To that list we may add Fast Car Physics, which is a deep romp through physics as it is applied to auto racing.

One difference between this book and some other recent works is that this is not obviously a book for newcomers to the non-physics subject. The first chapter jumps in with the question “How should a driver select shift points when racing?”, and explores the region between 4000 and 7000 rpm in a search for an answer. Subsequent chapters take on the challenges involved in road racing and the intricacies of steering and suspension; the detail involved here is far beyond what the average driver thinks of as “fast”. With that in mind, the book functions well as a deep look into auto racing as well as a good description of applied physics.

The author, a physics professor at the Naval Academy and an experienced Sports Car Club of America driver, is well-positioned to describe the subject, and does so in a very engaging manner. The text rewards close reading without skimping on mathematical sophistication — a multiple integral makes an appearance on page 100 — and provides genuine insight into the simple laws that govern the complex behavior of a high-performance race car.

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