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Error-Correcting Codes, Finite Geometries and Cryptography

Aiden A. Bruen and David L. Wehlau, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 523
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  • C. J. Colbourn and J. Torres-Jimenez -- Heterogeneous hash families and covering arrays
  • W. J. Martin and B. Sunar -- Resilient functions: Just how resilient are they?
  • M. Mosca and D. Stebila -- Quantum coins
  • J. R. Oldford and D. L. Wehlau -- Optimal block lengths for secret key distillation

Finite geometries

  • T. L. Alderson -- Hyperconics and multiple weight codes for OCDMA
  • A. A. Bruen -- Blocking sets and large transversal-free systems of mutually orthogonal Latin squares
  • A. A. Bruen, T. C. Bruen, and R. Silverman -- Incidence matrices with forbidden configurations
  • M. Iurlo and S. Rajola -- A new method to construct maximal partial spreads of smallest size in PG(3,$q$)
  • M. S. Tallini -- A representation of the projective space $P(r,k)$ on the affine plane $A(2,k)$ and the geometric equivalence between the Veblen configuration in $P(3,k)$ and the Desargues configuration in $A(2,k)$
  • J. A. Thas and H. Van Maldeghem -- André embeddings of affine planes


  • A. Barg and P. Purkayastha -- Near MDS poset codes and distributions
  • J. Bierbrauer, D. Bartoli, S. Marcugini, and F. Pambianco -- Geometric constructions of quantum codes
  • A. Bogatyrev, M. Hassner, and D. Yarmolich -- An exact analytical-expression for the read sensor signal in magnetic data storage channels
  • A. A. Bruen -- Blocking sets and low-weight codewords in the generalized Reed-Muller codes
  • V. C. Gaudet -- Low-power LDPC decoding by exploiting the fault-tolerance of the sum-product algorithm
  • O. Heden -- On perfect codes over non prime power alphabets
  • M. Lavrauw, L. Storme, and G. Van de Voorde -- Linear codes from projective spaces
  • T. P. McDonough and V. C. Mavron -- The dimension of the code of a strongly resolvable design
  • G. E. Moorhouse -- Codes of nets and projective planes
  • C. Schlegel -- Minimum output symbol error variance of forward error control codes
  • D. Truhachev and M. Rahbari -- Multi-stream information transmission in random power attenuation environments