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Error and Inference: Recent Exchanges on Experimental Reasoning, Reliability, the Objectivity and Rationality of Science

D. G. Mayo and A. Spanos, editors
Cambridge University Press
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1. Introduction and background: 1-I. Philosophy of methodological practice Deborah Mayo, 1-II. Error statistical philosophy Deborah Mayo and Aris Spanos; 2. Severe testing, error statistics, and the growth of theoretical knowledge Deborah Mayo; 3-I. Can scientific theories be warranted? Alan Chalmers; 3-II. Can scientific theories be warranted with severity? Exchanges with Alan Chalmers Deborah Mayo; 4-I. Critical rationalism, explanation and severe tests Alan Musgrave; 4-II. Towards progressive critical rationalism: exchanges with Alan Musgrave Deborah Mayo; 5-I. Error, tests and theory-confirmation John Worrall; 5-II. Has Worrall saved his theory (on ad hoc saves) in a non ad hoc manner? Exchanges with Worrall Deborah Mayo; 6-I. Mill's sins, or Mayo's errors? Peter Achinstein; 6-II. Sins of the Bayesian epistemologist: exchanges with Achinstein Deborah Mayo; 7. Theory testing in economics and the error statistical perspective Aris Spanos; 8-I. Frequentist statistics as a theory of inductive inference Deborah Mayo and David Cox; 8-II. Objectivity and conditionality in Frequentist inference David Cox and Deborah Mayo; 8-III. An error in the argument from WCP and S to the SLP Deborah Mayo; 8-IV. On a new philosophy of Frequentist inference: exchanges with Cox and Mayo Aris Spanos; 9-I. Explanation and truth Clark Glymour; 9-II. Explanation and testing: exchanges with Glymour Deborah Mayo; 9-III. Graphical causal modeling and error statistics: exchanges with Glymour Aris Spanos; 10-I. Legal epistemology: the anomaly of affirmative defenses Larry Laudan; 10-II. Error and the law: exchanges with Laudan Deborah Mayo.