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Enhancing University Mathematics

Ki Hyoung Ko and Deane Arganbright, editors
American Mathematical Society/Mathematical Association of America
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CBMS issues in Mathematics Education 14
We do not plan to review this book.
  • K. H. Ko -- Mathematics in general education at KAIST
  • D. Hughes Hallett -- Harnessing the enthusiasm of our best and brightest students for mathematics
  • T. Banchoff -- Interactive geometry and multivariable calculus on the internet
  • C. Stevens -- Helping new mathematics faculty to develop into successful teachers and scholars
  • W. G. McCallum -- Computer algebra and human algebra
  • S. Friedberg -- Teaching mathematics graduate students to teach: An international perspective
  • E. Neuwirth -- Computers supporting mathematical insight--two case studies
  • T. M. Mills and P. Sullivan -- Mathematics--at your service
  • H. Arikan -- A leverage in learning
  • O. N. Kwon -- Towards inquiry-oriented mathematics instruction in the university
  • W. Page -- The influence of technology on mathematics instruction: Concerns and challenges
  • C.-K. Li -- Research experiences with undergraduates: A discussion from the mathematical educational point of view
  • J. Sandefur -- Problem solving: What I have learned from my students
  • U. Kortenkamp -- Guidelines for using computers creatively in mathematics education
  • L. H. Seitelman -- Suggestions from the real world on improving math education
  • R. S. Smith -- Spreadsheets in the mathematics classroom
  • A. Stanoyevitch -- Incorporating MATLAB® into university mathematics programs
  • E. A. Varbanova -- A CAS supported environment for learning and teaching calculus
  • G. E. Uchida -- Experience with blended learning: IT support inside the classroom and beyond
  • S.-O. Kim -- On the mathematics courses for social science majors
  • S. O. Shilova and N. V. Shilov -- On mathematical contents of computer science contests
  • M. Narita -- Curriculum for teaching how mathematics is applied to real world in teacher education course at a Japanese college
  • D. Arganbright, E. Neuwirth, and R. S. Smith -- Workshop in Excel