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Distance Geometry: Theory, Methods, and Applications

Antonio Mucherino, Carlile Lavor, Leo Liberti, and Nelson Maculan, editors
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Preface.- 1. Universal Rigidity of Bar Frameworks in General Position (A. Alfakih).- 2. Mixed Volume and Distance Geometry Techniques for Counting Euclidean Embeddings of Rigid Graphs (I. Emiris, E. Tsigaridas, A. Varvitsiotis).- 3. (The discretizable molecular distance Geometry Problem Seems Easier on Proteins (L. Liberti, C. Lavor, A. Mucherino).- 4. Spheres Unions and Intersections and Some of Their Applications in Molecular Modeling (M. Petitjean).- 5. Is the Distance Geometry Problem in NP? (N. Beeker, S. Gaubert, C. Glusa, L. Liberti).- 6. Solving Spatial Constraints with Generalized Distance Geometry (L. Yang).- 7. A Topological Interpretation of the Walk Distances (P. Chebotarev, M. Deza).- 8. Distance Geometry Methods for Protein Structure Determination (Z. Voller, Z. Wu).- 9. Solving the discretizable molecular distance geometry problem by multiple realization trees (P. Nucci, L. Nogueira, C. Lavor).- 10.-ASAP - An Eigenvector Synchronization Algorithm for the Graph Realization Problem (M. Cucuringu).- 11. Global Optimization for Atomic Cluster Distance Geometry Problems (M. Locatelli, F. Schoen).- 12. Solving molecular distance geometry problems using a continuous optimization approach (R. Lima, J.M. Martinez).- 13. DC Programming Approaches for Distance Geometry Problems (H. Thi, T. Dinh).- 14. Stochastic Proximity Embedding (D. Agrafiotis, D. Bandyopadhyay, E. Yang).- 15. Distance Geometry for Realistic Molecular Conformations.- 16. Distance Geometry in Structural Biology (T. Malliavin, A. Mucherino, M. Nilges).- 17. Using a Distributed SDP Approach to Solve Simulated Protein Molecular Conformation Problems (X. Fang, K-C. Toh).- 18. An Overview on Protein Structure Determintion by NMR - Historical and Future Perspectives of the Use of Distance Geometry Methods.-Index.