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Current Trends in Nonlinear Systems and Control: In Honor of Petar Kokotovic and Turi Nicosia

Laura Menini, Luca Zaccarian, and Chaouki T. Abdallah, editors
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Systems and Control: Foundations and Applications
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 Foreword.- Preface.- List of Contributors.- Part I: State Estimation and Identification.- Circle-criterion observers and their feedback applications: an overview.- Unknown input observers and residual generators for linear time delay systems.- Set membership identification: the H-infinity case.- Algebraic methods for nonlinear systems: parameter identification and state estimation.- Recent techniques for the identification of piecewise affine and hybrid systems.- Part II: Control and System Theory.- Dual matrix inequalities in stability and performance analysis of linear differential/difference inclusions.- Oscillators as systems and synchrony as a design principle.- Nonlinear anti-windup for exponentially unstable linear plants.- Constrained pole assignment control.- An overview of finite-time stability.- Finite-time control of linear systems: a survey.- Part III: Robotics.- An application of iterative identification and control in the robotics field.- Friction identification and model-based digital control of a direct-drive manipulator.- A singular perturbation approach to control of flexible arms in compliant motion.- Fault tolerant tracking of a robot manipulator: an internal model based approach.- Set membership localization and map building for mobile robots.- Visual servoing with central catadioptric camera.- Motion control and coordination in mechanical and robotic systems.- Coordination of robot teams: a decentralized approach.- Part IV: Control of Electromechanical Systems.- Transient stabilization of multimachine power systems.- Robust controllers for large-scale interconnected systems: applications to web processing machines.- Control strategy using vision for the stabilization of an experimental PVTOL aircraft setup.- Neural network model reference adaptive control of marine vehicles.- Part V: Manufacturing Systems.- Projection and aggregation in maxplus algebra.- A switched system model for the optimal control of two symmetric competing queues with finite capacity.- Cooperative inventory control.- Part VI: Networked Control Systems.- Communication logic design and analysis for networked control systems.- Networked decentralized control of multirate sampled-data systems.- Finite-time stability for nonlinear networked control systems.- Index