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Continuous and Distributed Systems

Mikhail Z. Zgurovsky and Victor A. Sadovnichiy, editors
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Solid Mechanics and Its Applications
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Part I Abstract Algebra and Applications.- Algebra And Geometry Through Hamiltonian Systems.- On Hyperbolic Zeta Function of Lattices.- The Distribution Of Values Of Arithmetic Functions.- On the One Method of Constructing Digital Control System with Minimal Structure.- On Norm Maps and “Universal Norms” of Formal Groups over Integer Rings of Local Fields.- Assignment of Factors Levels for Design of Experiments with Resource Constraints.- Part II Mechanics and Numerical Methods.- How to Formulate the Initial-Boundary-Value Problem of Elastodynamics in Terms of Stresses?.- Finite-difference Method of Solution of the Shallow Water Equations on an Unstructured Mesh.- Dynamics of Vortices in Near-wall Flows with Irregular Boundaries.- Strongly Convergent Algorithms for Variational Inequality Problems over the Set of Solutions the Equilibrium Problems.- Part III Long-time Forecasting in Multidisciplinary Investigations.- Multivalued Dynamics Of Solutions for Autonomous Operator Differential Equations in Strongest Topologies.- Structure of Uniform Global Attractor for General Non-Autonomous Reaction-Diffusion System.- Topological Properties of Strong Solutions for the 3D Navier-Stokes Equations.- Inertial Manifolds and Spectral Gap Properties for Wave Equations with Weak and Strong Dissipation.- On Regularity of All Weak Solutions and Their Attractors for Reaction-Diffusion Inclusion in Unbounded Domain.- On Global Attractors for Autonomous Damped Wave Equation with Discontinuous Nonlinearity.- Part IV Control Theory and Decision Making.- On the Regularities of Mass Random Phenomena.- Optimality Conditions for Total-Cost Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes.- On Existence of Optimal Solutions to Boundary Control Problem for an Elastic Body with Quasistatic Evolution of Damage.- On Existence and Attainability of Solutions to Optimal Control Problems in Coefficients for Degenerate Variational Inequalities of Monotone Type.- Distributive Optimal Control in One Non-Self-Adjoint Boundary Value Problem.- Guaranteed Safety Operation of Complex Engineering Systems.- Part V Short Communications.- To The Arithmetics Of The Bose – Maslov Condensate Statistics.- Numerical Algorithms for Multiphase Flows and Applications.- Singular Trajectories of the First Order in Problems with Multidimensiona