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Contemporary Ring Theory 2011

Jin Yong Kim, Chan Huh, Yang Lee, and Tai Keun Kwak, editors
World Scientific
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We do not plan to review this book.
  • Rings Over Which Polynomial Rings are NI (Juncheol Han, Yang Lee and Sung Pil Yang)
  • The Galois Map and Its Induced Maps (George Szeto and Lianyong Xue)
  • Notes on Weakly d-Koszul Modules (Jiafeng Lü and Xiaolan Yu)
  • An Extension of Rings and Hochschild 2-Cocycles (M Tamer Koşan, Tsiu-Kwen Lee and Yiqiang Zhou)
  • When Do the Direct Sums of Modules Inherit Certain Properties? (Gangyong Lee, S Tariq Rizvi and Cosmin Roman)
  • Notes on Simple-Baer Modules and Rings (Lixin Mao)
  • A Note on Quasi-Johns Rings (Liang Shen)
  • Von Neumann Regular Rings Satisfying Generalized Almost Comparability (Mamoru Kutami)
  • A New Pseudorandom Number Generator AST (Huiling Song)
  • A Note on Prime Rings with Left Derivations (Nadeem ur Rehman)
  • On Rings in Which Every Ideal is Prime (Hisaya Tsutsui)
  • Some Commutativity Theorems Concerning Additive Mappings and Derivations on Semiprime Rings (Shakir Ali, Basudeb Dhara and Ajda Fošner)
  • Study on the Algebraic Structures in Terms of Geometry and Deformation Theory (Fumiya Suenobu and Fujio Kubo)
  • On the Faith Conjecture (Kiyoichi Oshiro)
  • A Short Proof that Continuous Modules are Clean (V P Camillo, D Khurana, T Y Lam, W K Nicholson and Y Zhou)
  • Structures on S.G. Near-Rings and <R,S>-Groups (Yong Uk Cho)
  • Imprimitive Regular Action in the Ring of Integers Modulo n (Juncheol Han, Yang Lee and Sangwon Park)
  • On Symmetric Biderivations of Semiprime Rings (Asma Ali and Faiza Shujat)
  • τ-Projective and Strongly τ-Projective Modules (Ismail Amin, Yasser Ibrahim and Mohamed Yousif)