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Complex Analysis and Dynamical Systems V

Mark L. Agranovsky, et al., editors
American Mathematical Society/Bar-Ilan University
Publication Date: 
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Contemporary Mathematics 591
We do not plan to review this book.
  • L. Aizenberg and A. Vidras -- Duality and the class of holomorphic functions representable by Carleman's formula
  • E. Ames, F. Beyer, J. Isenberg, and P. G. LeFloch -- Quasilinear symmetric hyperbolic Fuchsian systems in several space dimensions
  • G. Barsegian -- Revisiting a general property of meromorphic functions
  • D. Batenkov, V. Golubyatnikov, and Y. Yomdin -- Reconstruction of planar domains from partial integral measurements
  • C. de Fabritiis -- An introduction to one-parameter semigroups in non-strictly convex domains: The case of Cartan factors of type IV
  • P. C. Fenton -- Remark on a theorem of Hayman
  • I. Graham, H. Hamada, G. Kohr, and M. Kohr -- Univalent subordination chains in reflexive complex Banach spaces
  • S. Grudsky and N. Tarkhanov -- A note on Muskhelishvili-Vekua reduction
  • S. V. Gryshchuk and S. A. Plaksa -- Basic properties of monogenic functions in a biharmonic plane
  • L. A. Harris -- Bivariate polynomial interpolation at the Geronimus nodes
  • W. K. Hayman, T. F. Tyler, and D. J. White -- The Blumenthal conjecture
  • A. M. Kytmanov and S. G. Myslivets -- On the families of complex lines sufficient for holomorphic continuation of functions defined on a domain boundary
  • A. Lecko and D. Partyka -- A revised proof of spirallikeness
  • E. Liflyand and U. Stadtmüller -- A multidimensional Euler-Maclaurin formula and an application
  • M. Obradović and S. Ponnusamy -- Injectivity and starlikeness of sections of a class of univalent functions
  • S. Reich and A. J. Zaslavski -- A fixed point theorem for contractive non-self mappings
  • V. Ryazanov, R. Salimov, U. Srebro, and E. Yakubov -- On boundary value problems for the Beltrami equations
  • Y. Salman -- Global extendibility phenomenon for the Euler-Poisson-Darboux equation
  • I. Shestakov -- On the Zaremba problem for the p-Laplace operator
  • M. Vuorinen and G. Wang -- Bisection of geodesic segments in hyperbolic geometry
  • A. J. Zaslavski -- Existence of solutions for a class of infinite horizon optimal control problems without discounting arising in economic dynamics