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Combinatorial Group Theory, Discrete Groups, and Number Theory

Benjamin Fine, Anthony M. Gaglione, and Dennis Spellman, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 421
We do not plan to review this book.

  • P. Ackermann -- A description of the arithmetic Fuchsian groups with signature $(2;-)$
  • R. B. J. T. Allenby, G. Kim, and C. Y. Tang -- Outer automorphism groups of certain orientable Seifert 3-manifold groups
  • M. Anshel and A. M. Gaglione -- The search for origins of the commutator calculus
  • G. Baumslag, B. Fine, A. M. Gaglione, and D. Spellman -- A note on nondiscrimination of nilpotent groups and Mal'cev completions
  • G. Baumslag, B. Fine, and X. Xu -- A proposed public key cryptosystem using the modular group
  • H. Bluhm and M. Kreuzer -- Gröbner basis techniques in the computation of two-sided syzygies
  • M. Conder and P. Dobcsányi -- Normal subgroups of the modular group and other Hecke groups
  • O. B. Cristo and C. P. Milies -- Commutativity of units in group rings
  • M. J. Evans -- Presentations of groups involving more generators than are necessary. II.
  • B. Fine, A. M. Gaglione, and D. Spellman -- Unions of varieties and quasivarieties
  • B. Fine, A. M. Gaglione, and D. Spellman -- Finitely presented infinite torsion groups and a question of V. H. Dyson
  • A. Fonseca and R. M. Thomas -- Context-free irreducible word problems in groups
  • D. Garrison, L.-C. Kappe, and D. Yull -- Autocommutators and the autocommutator subgroup
  • J. Gilman -- Informative words and discreteness
  • R. Goldstein -- An algorithm for potentially positive words in $F_2$
  • G. Kern-Isberner -- Using group theory for knowledge representation and discovery
  • M. Kreuzer, A. Myasnikov, G. Rosenberger, and A. Ushakov -- Quotient tests and Gröbner bases
  • L. A. Kurdachenko and I. Y. Subbotin -- Transitivity of normality and pronormal subgroups
  • C. Maclachlan -- Torsion in maximal arithmetic Fuchsian groups
  • S. Majewicz -- Nilpotent $\mathbb{Q}[x]$-powered groups
  • R. F. Morse -- On the Rosenberger monster
  • C. F. Rocca, Jr. -- Density of test elements in finite abelian groups
  • R. Weidmann -- Adjoining a root does not decrease the rank