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Combinatorial and Computational Geometry

Jacob E. Goodman, János Pach, and Emo Welzl, editors
Cambridge University Press
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Mathematical Sciences Research Institute Publications 52
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 1. Geometric approximation via core sets Pankaj K. Agarwal, Sariel Har-Peled and Kasturi Varadarajan; 2. Applications of graph and hypergraph theory in geometry Imre Barany; 3. Convex geometry of orbits Alexander Barvinok and Grigoriy Blekherman; 4. The Hadwiger transversal theorem for pseudolines Saugata Basu, Jacob E. Goodman, Andreas Holmsen and Richard Pollack; 5. Betti number bounds, applications, and algorithms Saugata Basu, Richard Pollack and Marie-Francoise Roy; 6. Shelling and the h-vector of the (extra-)ordinary polytope Margaret M. Bayer; 7. On the number of mutually touching cylinders Andras Bezdek; 8. Edge-antipodal 3-polytopes Karoly Bezdek, Tibor Bisztriczky and Karoly Boroczky; 9. A conformal energy for simplicial surfaces Alexander Bobenko; 10. On the size of higher-dimensional triangulations Peter Brass; 11. The carpenter's ruler folding problem Gruia Calinescu and Adrian Dumitrescu; 12. A survey of folding and unfolding in computational geometry Erik D. Demaine and Joseph O'Rourke; 13. On the rank of a tropical matrix Mike Develin, Francisco Santos and Bernd Sturmfels; 14. The geometry of biomolecular solvation Herbert Edelsbrunner and Patrice Koehl; 15. Inequalities for zonotopes Richard G. Ehrenborg; 16. Quasiconvex programming David Eppstein; 17. De Concini-Procesi wonderful arrangement models - a discrete geometer's point of view Eva Maria Feichtner; 18. Thinnest covering of a circle by eight, nine, or ten congruent circles Gabor Fejes Toth; 19. On the complexity of visibility problems with moving viewpoints Peter Gritzmann and Thorsten Theobald; 20. Cylindrical partitions of convex bodies Aladar Heppes and Wlodzimierz Kuperberg; 21. Tropical halfspaces Michael Joswig; 22. Two proofs for Sylvester's problem using an allowable sequence of permutations Hagit Last; 23. A comparison of five implementations of 3d Delaunay tessellation Yuanxin Liu and Jack Snoeyink; 24. Bernstein's basis and real root isolation Bernard Mourrain, Fabrice Rouillier and Marie-Francoise Roy; 25. On some extremal problems in combinatorial geometry Niranjan Nilakantan; 26. A long non-crossing path among disjoint segments in the plane Janos Pach and Rom Pinchasi; 27. On a generalization of Schoenhardt's polyhedron Joerg Rambau; 28. On Hadwiger numbers of direct products of convex bodies Istvan Talata; 29. Binary space partitions - recent developments Csaba D. Toth; 30. Erdos-Szekeres theorem: upper bounds and related results Geza Toth and Pavel Valtr; 31. On the pair-crossing number Pavel Valtr; 32. Geometric random walks: a survey Santosh Vempala.