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Collected Papers: Pao-Lu Hsu

Pao-Lu Hsu
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Springer Collected Works in Mathematics
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Pao-Lu Hsu 1910–1970.- Hsu’s Work on Inference.- Hsu’s Work in Multivariate Analysis.- Hsu’s Work in Probability.- In Memory of Professor Pao-Lu Hsu.- [1]* On the Limit of a Sequence of Point Sets.- [2] A Note on the Indices and Numbers of Nondegenerate Critical Points of Biharmonic Functions.- [3] Contribution to the Theory of “Student’s” t-Test as Applied to the Problem of Two Samples.- [4] On the Best Unbiased Quadratic Estimate of the Variance.- [5] Notes on Hotelling’s Generalized T.- [6] On the Distribution of Roots of Certain Determinantal Equations.- [7] A New Proof of the Joint Product Moment Distribution.- [8] On n-Fold Iterated Limits.- [9] An Algebraic Derivation of the Distribution of Rectangular Coordinates.- [10] On Generalized Analysis of Variance.- [11] On the Limiting Distribution of Roots of a Determinantal Equation.- [12] On the Limiting Distribution of the Canonical Correlations.- [13] Analysis of Variance from the Power Function Standpoint.- [14] Canonical Reduction of the General Regression Problem.- [15] On the Problem of Rank and the Limiting Distribution of Fisher’s Test Function.- [16] The Limiting Distribution of a General Class of Statistics.- [17] Some Simple Facts About the Separation of Degrees of Freedom in Factorial Experiments.- [18] The Approximate Distributions of the Mean and Variance of a Sample of Independent Variables.- [19] On the Approximate Distribution of Ratios.- [20] On the Power Functions of the E2-Test and the T2-Test.- [21] On a Factorization of Pseudo-Orthogonal Matrices.- [22] Sur un Théorème de Probabilités Dénombrables.- [23] On the Asymptotic Distributions of Certain Statistics Used in Testing the Independence Between Successive Observations from a Normal Population.- [24] Complete Convergence and the Law of Large Numbers.- [25] A General Weak Limit Theorem for Independent Distributions.- [26] The Limiting Distribution of Functions of Sample Means and Application to Testing Hypotheses.- [27] Absolute Moments and Characteristic Function.- [28] A Lemma on the Coefficient of Reduction of a Sum of Independent Variates.- [29] On Symmetric, Orthogonal, and Skew-Symmetric Matrices.- [30] On Characteristic Functions which Coincide in a Neighborhood of Zero.- [31] On a Kind of Transformations of Matrices.- [32] On a Kind of Transformations of Matrix Pairs.- [33] Simultaneous Transformation of a Hermitian Matrix and a Symmetric or Skew-Symmetric Matrix.- [34] The Absolute Continuity of the Distribution Functions in the Class L.- [35] The Differentiability of the Probability Transition Function of a Purely Discontinuous Stationary Markov Process on the Euclidean Space.- [36] An Association Scheme M3(6) Which Is Not an L3-Scheme.- [37] The Limiting Distributions of Order Statistics.- [38] Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs.- [39] On the Coincidence Property of Stochastic Matrices.- [40] BIB Matrices, Simple Codes and Orthogonal Codes.