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Clusters, Orders and Trees: Methods and Applications

Fuad Aleskerov, Boris Goldengorin, and Panos M. Pardalos, editors
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Springer Optimization and Its Applications 92
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Three and One Questions to Dr. B. Mirkin about Complexity Statistics (I. Mandel).- Section 1.- A Polynomial Algorithm for a Class of 0-1 Fractional Programming Problems Involving Composite Functions, with an Application to Additive Clustering (P. Hansen, C. Meyer).- Experiments with a Non-Convex Variance-Based Clustering Criterion (R.F. Toso, E.V. Bauman, C.A. Kulikowski, I.B. Muchnik).- Strategy-Proof Location Functions on Finite Graphs (F.R. McMorris, H.M. Mulder, F.S. Roberts).- A Pseudo-Boolean Approach to the Market Graph Analysis by Means of the p-Median Model (B. Goldengorin, A. Kocheturov, P.M. Pardalos).- Clustering as an Approach to 3D Reconstruction Problems (S. Archangelski, I. Muchnik).- Selecting the Minkowski Exponent for Intelligent K-Means with Feature Weighting (R. Cordeiro de Amorim, B. Mirkin).- High Dimensional Data Classification (V. Pappu, P.M. Pardalos).- Algorithm FRiS-TDR for Generalized Classification of the Labeled, Semi-Labeled and Unlabeled Datasets (I.A. Borisova, N.G. Zagoruiko).- From Separating to Proximal Plane Classifiers: A Review (M.B. Ferraro, M.R. Guarracino).- A Note on the Effectiveness of the Least Squares Consensus Clustering (B. Mirkin, A. Shestakov).- Section 2.- Single or Multiple Consensus for Linear Orders (A. Guenoche).- Choice Functions on Tree Quasi-Orders (R.C. Powers, F. McMorris).- Weak Hierarchies: a Central Clustering Structure (P. Bertrand, J. Diatta).- Some Observations on Oligarchies, Internal Direct Sums and Lattice Congruences (M.F. Janowitz).- Thinking Ultrametrically, Thinking p-Adically (F. Murtagh).- A New Algorithm for Inferring Hybridization Events Based on the Detection of Horizontal Gene Transfers (V. Makarenkov, A. Box, P. Legendre).- Section 3.- Meaningless Statements in Landscape Ecology and Sustainable Environments (F. Roberts).- Nearest Neighbour in Least Squares Data Imputation Algorithms for Marketing Data (I. Wasito). An AST Method for Scoring String-to-Text Similarity in Semantic Text Analysis (K. Chernyak, B. Mirkin).- Improving Web Search Relevance with Learning Structure of Domain Concepts (B. Galitsky, B. Kovalerchuk).- Linear Regression via Elastic Net: Non-Enumerative Leave-One-Out Verification of Feature Selection (E. Chernousova, N. Razin, O. Krasotkina, V. Mottl, D. Windridge).- The Manipulability Index in the IANC Model (Y. Veselova).