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Boolean Models and Methods in Mathematics, Computer Scinece, and Engineering

Yves Crama and Peter L. Hammer, editors
Cambridge University Press
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Encyclopedia of Mathematics and Its Applications 134
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Part I. Algebraic Structures: 1. Compositions and clones of Boolean functions Reinhard Pöschel and Ivo Rosenberg; 2. Decomposition of Boolean functions Jan C. Bioch; Part II. Logic: 3. Proof theory Alasdair Urquhart; 4. Probabilistic analysis of satisfiability algorithms John Franco; 5. Optimization methods in logic John Hooker; Part III. Learning Theory and Cryptography: 6. Probabilistic learning and Boolean functions Martin Anthony; 7. Learning Boolean functions with queries Robert H. Sloan, Balázs Szörényi and György Turán; 8. Boolean functions for cryptography and error-correcting codes Claude Carlet; 9. Vectorial Boolean functions for cryptography Claude Carlet; Part IV. Graph Representations and Efficient Computation Models: 10. Binary decision diagrams Beate Bollig, Martin Sauerhoff, Detlef Sieling and Ingo Wegener; 11. Circuit complexity Matthias Krause and Ingo Wegener; 12. Fourier transforms and threshold circuit complexity Jehoshua Bruck; 13. Neural networks and Boolean functions Martin Anthony; 14. Decision lists and related classes of Boolean functions Martin Anthony; Part V. Applications in Engineering: 15. Hardware equivalence and property verification J. H. Roland Jiang and Tiziano Villa; 16. Synthesis of multi-level Boolean networks Tiziano Villa, Robert K. Brayton and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli; 17. Boolean aspects of network reliability Charles J. Colbourn.