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Asymptotic Analysis and Singularities: Elliptic and Parabolic PDEs and Related Problems

Hideo Kozono, Takayoshi Ogawa, Kazunaga Tanaka, Yoshio Tsutsumi, and Eiji Yanagida, editors
Mathematical Society of Japan/ American Mathematical Society
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Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics 47-2
We do not plan to review this book.
  • P. Bernard and B. Buffoni -- Weak KAM pairs and Monge-Kantorovich duality
  • T. Funaki -- Hydrodynamic limit and nonlinear PDEs with singularities
  • N. Koiso -- PDE and differential geometry in study of motion of elastic wires
  • C. Mascia, A. Terracina, and A. Tesei -- Evolution of stable phases in forward-backward parabolic equations
  • X.-B. Pan -- Analogies between superconductors and liquid crystals: Nucleation and critical fields
  • T. Suzuki -- Method of the blowup envelope and applications
  • C. Hirota, T. Ishiwata, and S. Yazaki -- Numerical study and examples on singularities of solutions to anisotropic crystalline curvature flows of nonconvex polygonal curves
  • M. Iida, K. Nakashima, and E. Yanagida -- On certain one-dimensional elliptic systems under different growth conditions at respective infinities
  • K. Ikeda -- Stability analysis for a stripe solution in the Gierer-Meinhardt system
  • Y. Kabeya -- Perturbation of structures of radial solutions to elliptic equations
  • Y. Kan-on -- On the bifurcation structure of positive stationary solutions for a competition-diffusion system
  • K. P. P. Htoo, M. Mimura, and I. Takagi -- Global solutions to a one-dimensional nonlinear parabolic system modeling colonial formation by chemotactic bacteria
  • H. Kikuchi -- Existence of standing waves for the nonlinear Schrödinger equation with double power nonlinearity and harmonic potential
  • M. Kuwamura -- The Hamiltonian formalism in reaction-diffusion systems
  • B. Lou -- Speed estimate for a periodic rotating wave in an undulating zone on the sphere
  • T. Miyasita -- On the dynamical system of a parabolic equation with non-local term
  • Y. Naito -- A variational approach to self-similar solutions for semilinear heat equations
  • W.-M. Ni, K. Suzuki, and I. Takagi -- Determination of the limit sets of trajectories of the Gierer-Meinhardt system without diffusion
  • S. Okabe -- Asymptotic form of solutions of the Tadjbakhsh-Odeh variational problem
  • K. Osaki -- Global existence of a reaction-diffusion-advection system
  • T. Senba -- Blowup solutions to some systems related to biology
  • K. Suzuki and I. Takagi -- On the role of the source terms in an activator-inhibitor system proposed by Gierer and Meinhardt
  • F. Takahashi -- Concentration phenomena in the conformal Brezis-Nirenberg problem
  • T. Tsujikawa -- Interfacial analysis to a chemotaxis model equation with growth in three dimension