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Arithmetic and Geometry

Luis Dieulefait, et al., editors
Cambridge University Press
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London Mathematical Society Lecture Notes Series 420
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Preface Luis Dieulefait, Gerd Faltings, D. R. Heath-Brown, Yuri I. Manin, B. Z. Moroz and Jean-Pierre Wintenberger
List of participants
Trimester seminar
Workshop on the Serre conjecture
The research conference
1. Galois groups of local fields, Lie algebras, and ramification Victor Abrashkin
2. A characterisation of ordinary modular eigenforms with CM Rajender Adibhatla and Panagiotis Tsaknias
3. Selmer complexes and p-adic Hodge theory Denis Benois
4. A survey of applications of the circle method to rational points T. D. Browning
5. Arithmetic differential equations of Painlevé VI type Alexandru Buium and Yuri I. Manin
6. Differential calculus with integers Alexandru Buium
7. Un calcul de groupe de Brauer et une application arithmétique Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène
8. Connectedness of Hecke algebras and the Rayuela conjecture: a path to functoriality and modularity Luis Dieulefait and Ariel Pacetti
9. Big image of Galois representations and congruence ideals Haruzo Hida and Jacques Tilouine
10. The skew-symmetric pairing on the Lubin–Tate formal module M. A. Ivanov and S. V. Vostokov
11. Equations in matrix groups and algebras over number fields and rings: prolegomena to a lowbrow noncommutative Diophantine geometry Boris Kunyavskiĭ
12. On the ℓ-adic regulator as an ingredient of Iwasawa theory L. V. Kuz'min
13. On a counting problem for G-shtukas Ngo Dac Tuan
14. Modular forms and Calabi–Yau varieties Kapil Paranjape and Dinakar Ramakrishnan
15. Derivative of symmetric square p-adic L-functions via pull-back formula Giovanni Rosso
16. Uniform bounds for rational points on cubic hypersurfaces Per Salberger
17. Descent on toric fibrations Alexei N. Skorobogatov
18. On filtrations of vector bundles over P1Z A. Smirnov
19. On the dihedral Euler characteristics of Selmer groups of Abelian varieties Jeanine Van Order
20. CM values of higher Green's functions and regularized Petersson products Maryna Viazovska.