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Applied Game Theory and Strategic Behavior

I. K. Geçkil and P. L. Anderson
Chapman & Hall/CRC
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A Brief History of Game Theory

Why Study Games?

Rapid Discoveries in the Twentieth Century


Introduction to Game Theory Concepts and Strategy

Game Theory, Strategic Behavior, and Strategy

Consumer Behavior, Utility Theory, and Game Theory

Game-Theoretic Models and Illustration

Rules of the Game

Strategy and Equilibrium

Complex Games and Games by Categories

Other Key Game Theory Concepts

Modeling Games with MATLAB and Experimenting Games

Prisoner’s Dilemma

Battle of the Sexes

A Sample Game of Dominated Strategies with MATLAB

Theory of Strategic Value

Introduction: The Game of Business

Strategy and Value

States of Nature

State Variables for Business: Control Variables

The Event Tree and Dynamic Payoffs

The Firm

Real Options and Management Flexibility

What Is "Value" for a Firm?

A Dynamic Game of Asymmetric Information in the Beer Industry

A Game between a Global Brewer and a Growing National Beer Importer

Regulated Alcoholic Beverages Industry and Three-Tier System in the United States

Sales Performance of Gambrinus: General Import Market

Incentives at the Time of the 1996 Decision

Strategic Options Available in 1996 and the Game

Game-Theoretic Model

Consolidation in the Wine and Spirits Industry

Economic Structure of the Industry

The Wine and Spirits Industry and Consolidation

A Hypothetical Consolidation

Description of the Game

A Regulatory Game: CAFE Standards and Competing Automakers


History of Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency (CAFE)

Current Debates

Statement of the Problem and the Strategic and Game Theoretical Motivation behind CAFE

Building the Game and Players, Strategies, Payoffs, and Solution

On Auto Industry Crisis of 2008 and Analysis of a Potential Merger: Strategic Approach

Introduction and Cause of the 2008 Auto Industry Crisis

Likely Scenarios for the Automotive Industry

Economic and Industry Conditions

Key Events to Date

Discussion of Potential Scenarios

Strategic Approach to a Potential Merger: Strategies of Key Players

Game Theory and Law


Game Theory Examples in Law

Antitrust Case Study: United States of America, et al., v. Microsoft Corporation

Game-Theoretic Model in Microsoft Antitrust Case and Players

The Trial and Conclusions of Law