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Algorithms for Approximation

Armin Iske and Jeremy Levesley, editors
Springer Verlag
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Part I Imaging and Data Mining

Ranking as Function Approximation - Christopher J.C. Burges
Two Algorithms for Approximation in Highly Complicated Planar Domains - Nira Dyn, Roman
Computational Intelligence in Clustering Algorithms, With Applications - Rui Xu, Donald Wunsch
II Energy-Based Image Simplification with Nonlocal Data and Smoothness Terms – Stephan Didas, Pavel Mr´azek, Joachim Weickert
Multiscale Voice Morphing Using Radial Basis Function Analysis -
Christina Orphanidou, Irene M. Moroz, Stephen J. Roberts
Associating Families of Curves Using Feature Extraction and Cluster Analysis -
Jane L. Terry, Andrew Crampton, Chris J. Talbot

Part II Numerical Simulation

Particle Flow Simulation by Using Polyharmonic Splines - Armin Iske
Enhancing SPH using Moving Least-Squares and Radial Basis Functions -
Robert Brownlee, Paul Houston, Jeremy Levesley, Stephan Rosswog
Stepwise Calculation of the Basin of Attraction in Dynamical Systems Using Radial Basis Functions - Peter Giesl
Integro-Differential Equation Models and Numerical Methods for Cell Motility and Alignment - Athena Makroglou
Spectral Galerkin Method Applied to Some Problems in Elasticity - Chris J. Talbot

Part III Statistical Approximation Methods

Bayesian Field Theory Applied to Scattered Data Interpolation and Inverse Problems -Chris L. Farmer
Algorithms for Structured Gauss-Markov Regression - Alistair B. Forbes
Uncertainty Evaluation in Reservoir Forecasting by Bayes Linear Methodology -
Daniel Busby, Chris L. Farmer, Armin Iske

Part IV Data Fitting and Modelling

Integral Interpolation - Rick K. Beatson, Michael K. Langton
Shape Control in Powell-Sabin Quasi-Interpolation - Carla Manni
Approximation with Asymptotic Polynomials –
Philip Cooper, Alistair B. Forbes, John C. Mason
Spline Approximation Using Knot Density Functions - Andrew Crampton, Alistair B. Forbes
Neutral Data Fitting by Lines and Plane - Tim Goodman, Chris Tofallis
Approximation on an Infinite Range to Ordinary Differential Equations Solutions by a Function of a Radial Basis Function - Damian P. Jenkinson, John C. Mason
Weighted Integrals of Polynomial Splines - Mladen Rogina

Part V Differential and Integral Equations

On Sequential Estimators for an Affine Stochastic Delay Differential Equations -
Uwe Küchler, Vyacheslav Vasiliev
Scalar Periodic Complex Delay Differential Equations: Small Solutions and their Detection - Neville J. Ford, Patricia M. Lumb
Using Approximations to Lyapunov Exponents to Predict Changes in Dynamical Behaviour in Numerical Solutions to Stochastic Delay Differential Equations –
Neville J. Ford, Stewart J. Norton
Superconvergence of Quadratic Spline Collocation for Volterra Integral Equations - Darja Saveljeva

Part VI Special Functions and Approximation on Manifolds

Asymptotic Approximations to Truncation Errors of Series Representations for Special Functions - Ernst Joachim Weniger
Strictly Positive Definite Functions on Generalized Motion Groups –
Wolfgang zu Castell, Frank Filbir -
Energy Estimates and the Weyl Criterion on Compact Homogeneous Manifolds -
Steven B. Damelin, Jeremy Levesley, Xingping Sun
Minimal Discrete Energy Problems and Numerical Integration on Compact Sets in Euclidean Spaces - Steven B. Damelin, Viktor Maymeskul
Numerical Quadrature of Highly Oscillatory Integrals Using Derivatives -
Sheehan Olver