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Algebraic Methods in Statistics and Probability II

Marlos A. G. Viana and Henry P. Wynn, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporay Mathematics 516
We do not plan to review this book.
  • S. A. Andersson and T. Klein -- Kiefer-complete classes of designs for cubic mixture models
  • V. S. Barbu and N. Limnios -- Some algebraic methods in semi-Markov chains
  • R. A. Bates, H. Maruri-Aguilar, E. Riccomagno, R. Schwabe, and H. P. Wynn -- Self-avoiding generating sequences for Fourier lattice designs
  • F. Bertrand -- Weakly invariant designs, rotatable designs and polynomial designs
  • C. Bocci, E. Carlini, and F. Rapallo -- Geometry of diagonal-effect models for contingency tables
  • P. Bubenik, G. Carlsson, P. T. Kim, and Z.-M. Luo -- Statistical topology via Morse theory persistence and nonparametric estimation
  • G. Budzban and G. Högnäs -- Convolution products of probability measures on a compact semigroup with applications to random measures
  • S. Chakraborty and A. Mukherjea -- Completely simple semigroups of real $d imes d$ matrices and recurrent random walks
  • W.-Y. Chang, R. D. Gupta, and D. S. P. Richards -- Structural properties of the generalized Dirichlet distributions
  • S. Chaudhuri and G. L. Tan -- On qualitative comparison of partial regression coefficients for Gaussian graphical Markov models
  • M. A. Cueto, J. Morton, and B. Sturmfels -- Geometry of the restricted Boltzmann machine
  • M. Drton and H. Xiao -- Smoothness of Gaussian conditional independence models
  • W. Ehm -- Projections on invariant subspaces
  • S. M. Evans -- A zero-one law for linear transformations of Lévy noise
  • H. Hara and A. Takemura -- Connecting tables with zero-one entries by a subset of a Markov basis
  • K. Khare and B. Rajaratnam -- Covariance trees and Wishart distributions on cones
  • P. Kidwell and G. Lebanon -- A kernel smoothing approach to censored preference data
  • M. S. Massa and S. L. Lauritzen -- Combining statistical models
  • S. Petrović, A. Rinaldo, and S. E. Fienberg -- Algebraic statistics for a directed random graph model with reciprocation
  • G. Pistone and M. P. Rogantin -- Regular fractions and indicator polynomials
  • M. A. G. Viana -- Dihedral Fourier analysis
  • T. von Rosen and D. Von Rosen -- On a class of singular nonsymmetric matrices with nonnegative integer spectra
  • A. S. Yasamin -- Some hypothesis tests for Wishart models on symmetric cones