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Aha! Solutions

Martin Erickson
Mathematical Association of America
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Problem Book
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Michael Rowell
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In mathematics there are problems that, while sounding difficult at first, have beautiful, elegant, and most notably simple solutions. Oftentimes when approaching such a problem, many minutes, hours or days will go by before stumbling upon the simple solution. All at once, things align, and your mind screams “Aha!” Aha Solutions is a well thought out compilation of these unique and interesting problems.

The problems are grouped into three difficulties: beginner, intermediate and advanced. And then further grouped together by subject.

Non-majors and mathematics majors alike will likely have fun solving the problems from the first few sections, but a more advanced math undergraduate will be more likely to be able to understand the entire book.

Perhaps the most entertaining and interesting part of the book is that after each problem is solved, the author provides a small discussion on how the problem relates to bigger problems in mathematics. I found it impossible to read this book and not think of different ways in which the problems can extend to other areas of mathematics. This book will serve as a wonderful tool for having math majors learn new mathematics on their own and to help them find conjectures of their own.

Michael Rowell is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Pacific University. His research interests are in Combinatorics and Number Theory. His website is and his email is

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