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Advances in Statistical Control, Algebraic Systems Theory, and Dynamic Systems Characteristics

Chang-Hee Won, Cheryl B. Schrader, and Anthony N. Michel, editors
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Systems and Control: fundations and Applications
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Part I. Statistical Control

Introduction and Literature Survey of Statistical Control: Going Beyond the Mean / Chang-Hee Won, Ronald W. Diersing, adn Stephen Yurkovich

Cumulant Control Systems: The Cost-Variance, Discrete-Time Case / Luis Cosenza, Michael K. Sain, Ronald W. Diersing, and Chang-Hee Won

Statistical Control of Stochastic Systems Incorporating Integral Feedback: Performance Robustness Analysis / Khanh D. Pham

Multi-Cumulant and Pareto Solutions for Tactics Change Prediction and Performance Analysis in Stochastic Multi-Team Noncooperative Games \ Khanh D. Pham, Stanley R. Liberty, and Gang Jin

A Multiobjective Cumulant Control Problem \ Ronald W. Diersing, Michael K. Sain, and Chang-Hee Won

Part II. Algebraic Systems Theory

Systems over a Semiring: Realization and Decoupling / Ying Shang and Michael K. Sain

Modules of Zeroes for Linear Multivariable Systems / Cheryl B. Schrader and Bostwick F. Wyman

Zeroes in Linear Time-Delay Systems / Giuseppe Conte and Anna Maria Perdon

Part III. Dynamic Systems Characteristics

On the Status of the Stability Theory of Discontinuous Dynamical Systems \ Anthony N. Michel and Ling Hou

Direct Adaptive Optimal Control: Biologically Inspired Feedback Control \ Draguna Vrabie and Frank Lewis

Characterization and Calculation of Approximate Decentralized Fixed Modes (ADFMs) \ Edward J. Davison and Amir G. Aghdam

Some New Nonlinear and Symbol Manipulation Techniques to Mitigate Adverse Effects of High PAPR in OFDM Wireless Communications \ Byung Moo Lee and Rui J. P. de Figueiredo

Homogeneous Domination and the Decentralized Control Problem for Nonlinear System Stabilization \ Jason Polendo, Chunjiang Qian, and Cheryl B. Schrader

Volterra Control Synthesis \ Patrick M. Sain

Part IV. Engineering Education

The First Professional Degree: Master of Engineering? \ Peter Dorato

Theology and Engineering: A Conversation in Two Languages \ Barbara K. Sain

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