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Advances in p-adic and Non-Archimedean Analysis

Martin Berz and K. Shamseddine, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 508
We do not plan to review this book.
  • J. Aguayo, S. Navarro, and M. Nova -- Strict topologies on spaces of vector-valued continuous functions over non-Archimedean field
  • B. Diarra -- Some subalgebras of the algebra of bounded linear operators of the one variable Tate algebra
  • A. Escassut and N. Maïnetti -- The ultrametric corona problem
  • A. K. Katsaras -- Vector-valued $p$-adic measures
  • H. A. Keller and H. Ochsenius -- On the Clifford algebra of orthomodular spaces over Krull valued fields
  • K.-O. Lindahl -- Divergence and convergence of conjugacies in non-Archimedean dynamics
  • H. M. Moreno -- A criterion for the invertibility of Lipschitz operators on type separating spaces
  • M. Nilsson and R. Nyqvist -- On monomial dynamical systems on the $p$-adic $n$-torus
  • H. Ochsenius and E. Olivos -- On the value group and norms of a form Hilbert space
  • H. Ochsenius and W. H. Schikhof -- Compact perturbations of Fredholm operators on Norm Hilbert spaces over Krull valued fields
  • J. Ojeda -- Applications of the $p$-adic Nevanlinna theory to problems of uniqueness
  • C. Pérez-García and W. M. Schikhof -- Tensor products of $p$-adic locally convex spaces having the strongest locally convex topology
  • C. G. Petalas and A. K. Katsaras -- Tensor products of $p$-adic measures
  • A. Rodionov and S. Volkov -- $p$-adic arithmetic coding
  • K. Shamseddine and M. Berz -- Analysis on the Levi-Civita field, a brief overview
  • P.-A. Svensson -- Criteria for non-repelling fixed points
  • F. Tangara -- A $p$-adic $q$-deformation of the Weyl algebra, for $q$ a $p^N$-th root of unity