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Advances in non-Archimedean Analysis

Jesus Araujo-Gomez, Bertin Diarra, and Alain Escassut, editors
American Mathematical Society
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Contemporary Mathematics 551
We do not plan to review this book.
  • C. Perez-Garcia and W. H. Schikhof -- Remembering Nicole De Grande-De Kimpe (1936-2008)
  • V. Anashin, A. Khrennikov, and E. Yurova -- Using van der Put basis to determine if a 2-adic function is measure-preserving or ergodic w.r.t. Haar measure
  • N. Boudjerida, A. Boutabaa, and S. Medjerab -- $q$-difference equations in ultrametric fields
  • K. Boussaf, A. Escassut, and J. Ojeda -- Primitives of $p$-adic meromorphic functions
  • W. Cherry -- Existence of GCD's and factorization in rings of non-Archimedean entire functions
  • G. Christol -- The radius of convergence function for first order differential equations
  • B. Diarra -- The Lipschitz condition for rational functions on ultrametric valued fields
  • A. Escassut -- Differential and maximal ideals of the ultrametric Corona algebra
  • A. K. Katsaras -- Linear topologies on non-Archimedean function spaces
  • A. K. Katsaras, L. A. Khan, and A. R. Khan -- On maximal closed ideals in topological algebras of continuous vector-valued functions over non-Archimedean valued fields
  • H. A. Keller and H. Ochsenius -- Perturbations of bounded linear operators on orthomodular Hilbertian spaces
  • A. Kubzdela -- On some geometrical properties of linear subspaces of $l^\infty$
  • M. L. Lapidus and L. Hùng -- The geometry of $p$-adic fractal strings: A comparative survey
  • H. Maïga -- Identities and congruences for Genocchi numbers
  • H. M. Moreno -- Toward an ultrametric calculus in a field $K$ with an infinite rank valuation
  • E. Olivos and W. H. Schikhof -- Extending the multiplication of a totally ordered group to its completion
  • S. Priess-Crampe -- Norm Hilbert spaces with uncountable orthogonal basis
  • K. Shamseddine -- Absolute and relative extrema, the mean value theorem and the inverse function theorem for analytic functions on a Levi-Civita field
  • F. Tangara -- Some $p$-adic $q$-difference equations on $\mathcal{C}(\mathbb{Z}_p,K)$