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Advances in Dynamic Games: Applications to Economics, Management Science, Engineering, and Environmental Management

Alain Haurie, Shigeo Muto, Leon A. Petrosjan, and T. E. S. Raghavan
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Annals of the International Society of Dynamic Games 8
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Part I. Zero-Sum Game Theory

D. Rosenberg, E. Solan, and N. Vieille: Stochastic Games with Imperfect Monitoring

S.S. Kumkov and V.S. Patsko: Level Sweeping of the Value Function in Linear Differential Games

V.P. Serov: Optimal Feedback in a Dynamic Game of Generalized Shortest Path

Part II. Pursuit-Evasion Games

J. Shinar and V.Y. Glizer: New Approach to Improve the Accuracy in Delayed Information Pursuit-Evasion Games

A.A. Chikrii: Game Problems for Systems with Fractional Derivatives of Arbitrary Order

N.N. Petrov and D.A. Vagin: On Two Problems of Group Pursuit

Part III. Games of Coalitions

L.A. Petrosjan: Cooperative Stochastic Games

Y. Funaki and T. Yamato: The Uniqueness of a Reduced Game in a Characterization of the Core in Terms of Consistency

J. Scheffran: The Formation of Adaptive Coalitions

T.E.S. Raghavan and P. Sudhölter: On Assignment Games

Part IV. New Concepts of Equilibrium

A. Vasin: The Folk Theorems in the Framework of Evolution and Cooperation

J. Morgan and F. Patrone: Stackelberg Problems: Subgame Perfect Equilibria via Tikhonov Regularization

N. Hidano and S. Muto: Extended Self, Game, and Conflict Resolution

Part V. Applications to Energy/Environment Economics

A. Kryazhimskii, O. Nikonov, and Y. Minullin: Game of Timing in Gas Pipeline Projects Competition: Simulation Software and Generalized Equilibrium Solutions

R. McKelvey and P.V. Golubtsov: The Effects of Incomplete Information in Stochastic Common-Stock Harvesting Games

A. Haurie, F. Moresino, and L. Viguier: A Two-Level Differential Game of International Emissions Trading

A. Haurie: A Stochastic Multigeneration Game for Global Climate Change Impact Assessment

Part VI. Management Science Applications

P. Bernhard, M. El Farouq, and S. Thiery: An Impulsive Differential Game Arising in Finance with Interesting Singularities

S. Jørgensen, S. Taboubi, and G. Zaccour: Incentives for Retailer Promotion in a Marketing Channel

A. Suzuki and S. Muto: Farsighted Behavior Leads to Efficiency in Duopoly Markets

T.E.S. Raghavan: A Stochastic Game Model of Tax Evasion