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A Friendly Introduction to Differential Equations

Mohammed Kaabar
Mohammed Kaabar
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Tom Schulte
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The five chapters of this work touch on Laplace transforms, systems of homogenous linear differential equations, applications, separable differential equations and methods for solutions such as Cauchy-Euler, Bernoulli, etc. Exercises conclude each chapter, with solutions provided to odd-numbered exercises.

This is a very bare bones introduction. The series of definitions and examples comes without the context of detailed explanation, motivation, and theory development that characterizes most fundamentals textbooks. Outside the exercises, the book is a series of solved problems making it a thinner competitor to Schaum's Outline of Differential Equations and the like, a mere categorization of examples.

The book’s role for the student is an adjunct to a more complete text, or a supplement to detailed lectures. The book suffers at parts for lack of English language editing (“the amount of minerals is 5 bounds”) and content editing (“{5} means that 5 is a subset of ℤ”).}

Tom Schulte stills consults the Schaum's Outline series that helped earn his undergraduate degree. Now, he teaches mathematics at Oakland Community College.

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