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A First Course in Algebraic Topology

Czes Kosniowski
Cambridge University Press
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Preface; Sets and groups; 1. Background: metric spaces; 2. Topological spaces; 3. Continuous functions; 4. Induced topology; 5. Quotient topology (and groups acting on spaces); 6. Product spaces; 7. Compact spaces; 8. Hausdorff spaces; 9. Connected spaces; 10. The pancake problems; 11. Manifolds and surfaces; 12. Paths and path connected spaces; 12A. The Jordan curve theorem; 13. Homotopy of continuous mappings; 14. 'Multiplication' of paths; 15. The fundamental group; 16. The fundamental group of a circle; 17. Covering spaces; 18. The fundamental group of a covering space; 19. The fundamental group of an orbit space; 20. The Borsuk-Ulam and ham-sandwhich theorems; 21. More on covering spaces: lifting theorems; 22. More on covering spaces: existence theorems; 23. The Seifert_Van Kampen theorem: I Generators; 24. The Seifert_Van Kampen theorem: II Relations; 25. The Seifert_Van Kampen theorem: III Calculations; 26. The fundamental group of a surface; 27. Knots: I Background and torus knots; 27. Knots : II Tame knots; 28A. Table of Knots; 29. Singular homology: an introduction; 30. Suggestions for further reading; Index.