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A Constellation of Origami Polyhedra

John Montroll
Dover Publications
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Jamie Falk
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John Montroll, in his second mathematical origami instruction book (the first being A Plethora of Origami Polyhedra), has once again produced a quality set of instructions for all those interested in either origami, or polyhedra. Constellation conforms to all the normal conventions of Origami books, making the notation clear and easy to understand. In it, Montroll adds 34 new polyhedra to those he included in his first book.

Each model is constructed from a single sheet of square paper, staying true to the original guidelines for origami. Within the book, the models progressively become more and more difficult. However, even the first models are difficult, and would not be suitable for those who do not have significant prior experience in origami. This is a book intended for intermediate to advanced origami enthusiasts.

The instructions themselves are clear, concise, and detailed enough so that one is never left wondering what a given step is asking. Every necessary step is shown, but there is no redundancy. The detail inherent in these models requires significant attention to detail, because so many folds in the process of creating a model are for nothing more than reference for the next step. As the saying goes, "paper never forgets," but as long as you remember this, A Constellation of Origami Polyhedra is a well constructed, delightful purchase for origami fans, and mathematicians, everywhere

Jamie Falk is a senior mathematics major at Colby College.

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