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Undergraduate Mathematics for the Life Sciences

Models, Processes, and Directions

Glenn Ledder, Jenna P. Carpenter, Timothy D. Comar, Editors

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There is a gap between the extensive mathematics background that is beneficial to biologists and the minimal mathematics background biology students acquire in their courses. The result is an undergraduate education in biology with very little quantitative content. New mathematics courses must be devised with the needs of biology students in mind.

In this volume, authors from a variety of institutions address some of the problems involved in reforming mathematics curricula for biology students. The problems are sorted into three themes: Models, Processes, and Directions. It is difficult for mathematicians to generate curriculum ideas for the training of biologists so a number of the curriculum models that have been introduced at various institutions comprise the Models section. Processes deals with taking that great course and making sure it is institutionalized in both the biology department (as a requirement) and in the mathematics department (as a course that will live on even if the creator of the course is no longer on the faculty). Directions looks to the future, with each paper laying out a case for pedagogical developments that the authors would like to see.

The authors represent a wide variety of academic institutions, from universities to community colleges, and all of the articles begin with information about the institutional context. Many of the articles also include links to resources that can be found on the internet, and some have associated books in print as well. All emphasize features that could be applied to similar projects at other institutions and offer useful advice for the newcomer to mathematics curriculum development for life science students.

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Electronic ISBN: 9781614443162

Print ISBN: 9780883851913

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