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The Moore Method

A Pathway to Learner-Centered Instruction

Charles A. Coppin, W. Ted Mahavier, E. Lee May, and Edgar Parker

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That student is taught the best who is told the least. — R. L. Moore, 1966

Some say that the only possible effect of the Moore method is to produce research mathematicians — but I don't agree. The Moore method is, I am convinced, the right way to teach anything and everything — it produces students who can understand and use what they have learned. It does, to be sure, instill the research attitude in the student — the attitude of questioning everything and wanting to learn answers actively — but that's a good thing in every human endeavor, not only in mathematical research. — Paul R. Halmos Santa Clara University

The Moore Method: A Pathway to Learner-Centered Instruction offers a practical overview of the method as practiced by the four co-authors, serving as both a "how to" manual for implementing the method and an answer to the question, "what is the Moore method?". Moore is well known as creator of The Moore Method (no textbooks, no lectures, no conferring) in which there is a current and growing revival of interest and modified application under inquiry-based learning projects. Beginning with Moore's Method as practiced by Moore himself, the authors proceed to present their own broader definitions of the method before addressing specific details and mechanics of their individual implementations. Each chapter consists of four essays, one by each author, introduced with the commonality of the authors' writings.

Topics include the culture the authors strive to establish in the classroom, their grading methods, the development of materials and typical days in the classroom. Appendices include sample tests, sample notes, and diaries of individual courses. With more than 130 references supporting the themes of the book the work provides ample additional reading supporting the transition to learner-centered methods of instruction.

Electronic ISBN: 9780883859735

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More Info on the Moore method

W. Ted Mahavier has developed a webpage,, that demonstrates the Moore Method as taught by his father, W. S. (Bill) Mahavier.

Course notes from several of the authors are available at The Journal of Inquiry-Based Learning in Mathematics.

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