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The Courses of History

Ideas for Developing a History of Mathematics Course

Amy Shell-Gellasch and Dick Jardine, Editors

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The Courses of History offers examples and suggestions for creating a history of mathematics course from experienced faculty who have taught the history of mathematics. Teaching a history of mathematics course is challenging, but we can readily overcome that challenge by learning from experienced practitioners. In this collection we share instructional resources and a variety of teaching practices which have enabled students to learn the historical origins of mathematics, deepening their understanding of our discipline. The book contains detailed descriptions of history of mathematics courses that are broad overviews of the evolution of mathematics as a whole as well as descriptions of those that are focused on specific mathematical subject areas. The courses described include those for mathematics majors, for pre-service primary and secondary mathematics school teachers, or for general education students. There is much to be learned in studying the history of mathematics and much to be learned from experienced teachers of the subject. The Courses of History furnishes both novice and experienced instructors suggestions for how to make the history of mathematics course a better learning opportunity for both students and teachers

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Electronic ISBN: 9781614443230

Print ISBN: 9780883851975


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