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MAA Instructional Practices Guide

MAA Instructional Practices Guide

Project Leadership Team:

Martha L. Abell
Linda Braddy
Doug Ensley
Lewis Ludwig
Hortensia Soto

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The MAA Instructional Practices Guide aims to share effective, evidence-based practices that mathematics instructors can use to facilitate meaningful learning for their students. The Guide is founded on the belief that every student should have the opportunity to engage in deep mathematics learning, guided and mentored by their instructor. It is intended for all instructors of mathematics, from the new graduate teaching assistant to the most experienced senior instructor; from the contingent faculty member at a two-year institution to the new faculty member at a doctoral-granting institution; from the instructor who wants to transform their own teaching to the leader facilitating professional development for graduate students or collegiate faculty. It is also intended for administrators who are in positions to work with their faculty to initiate systemic change in their departments and across their institutions.

The MAA Instructional Practices Guide is designed as a how-to guide focused on mathematics instruction at the undergraduate level and based on the concept that effective teaching is supported by three foundational types of practices: classroom practices, assessment practices, and design practices, each informed by empirical research. Moreover, the role of technology and the importance of equity are themes that cut across all that we do as instructors.

The MAA Instructional Practices Guide is also a call to the mathematical sciences community to scale up the use of evidence-based instructional strategies and to hold ourselves collectively and individually accountable as professional educators for the learning experiences of all undergraduate mathematics students. With professional associations and state/national agencies all actively supporting efforts to transform radically the undergraduate education experience, it is truly an exciting time to be a mathematics instructor.

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