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Doing the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Mathematics

Jacqueline M. Dewar and Curtis D. Bennett, Editors

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This is a fascinating book of 15 SoTL stories-drawn from classroom experiments in the teaching of mathematics. The editors, Jacqueline Dewar and Curtis Bennett, have gathered within the covers of one book the adventures undertaken by math educators from various institutions in the US. This book provides both the SoTL readers and practitioners in math (and in other fields) with a wonderfully wide-ranging resource. —Teaching Learning Inquiry (TLI) journal of the International Society for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) movement encourages faculty to view teaching “problems” as invitations to conduct scholarly investigations. In this growing field of inquiry faculty bring their disciplinary knowledge and teaching experience to bear on questions of teaching and learning. They systematically gather evidence to develop and support their conclusions. The results are to be peer reviewed and made public for others to build on.

This Notes volume is written expressly for collegiate mathematics faculty who want to know more about conducting scholarly investigations into their teaching and their students’ learning. Envisioned and edited by two mathematics faculty, the volume serves as a how-to guide for doing SoTL in mathematics.

The four chapters in Part I provide background on this form of scholarship and specific instructions for undertaking a SoTL investigation in mathematics. Part II contains fifteen examples of SoTL projects in mathematics from fourteen different institutions, both public and private, spanning the spectrum of higher educational institutions from community colleges to research universities. These chapters “reveal the process of doing SoTL” by illustrating many of the concepts, issues, methods and procedures discussed in Part I. An Editors’ Commentary opens each contributed chapter to highlight one or more aspects of the process of doing SoTL revealed within. Toward the end of each chapter the contributing authors describe the benefits that accrued to them and their careers from participating in SoTL.

The final chapter in the volume, the Epilogue, represents a synthesis by the editors of the contributing authors’ perceptions of the value of SoTL. This volume has two goals: to assist mathematics faculty interested in undertaking a scholarly study of their teaching practice and to promote a greater understanding of this work and its value to the mathematics community.

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Electronic ISBN: 9781614443186

Print ISBN: 9780883851937

Foreword by David Bressoud

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