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ComplexTool Version History

Version 5.4

  1. Fixed bug in radius slider bar that would not allow upper slider to move when max radius > 2

Version 5.3

  1. Removed mod() function as abs() function does the same thing.
  2. Fixed several bugs associated with sliders for theta and radius in circular domain.

Version 5.2

  1. Corrected bug where rectangular grid option did not display width/height options.
  2. Changed label sizes so text is not cut off.

Version 5.1

  1. Changed default domain and range to [-2,2] [-2,2].
  2. Added more pre selected functions.

Version 5.0

  1. Added sliders to vary theta and radius.

Version 4.4

  1. Added ctrl+click="reset zoom center" functionality.
  2. Changed zoom panel.

Version 4.3

  1. Added sliders to vary theta and max radius for circular domain.
  2. Changed height slightly.
  3. 0 rays means no rays show, even for maximum theta less than 2pi.
  4. Use unicode to display the appropriate greek symbol for theta.

Version 4.2

  1. Added vertical scroll bar to function field.

Version 4.1

  1. Added pre-defined functions.

Version 4.0

  1. Added menu bar that allows user to save snapshots of applet or individual graphs as well as change properties of graphs (colors, tic marks, etc.).

Version 3.5.3

  1. Fixed bug that occurred when dragging circular grid around before graphing.

Version 3.5.2

  1. Using latest version of default view drop-down menu and grapher bean.

Version 3.5.1

  1. Fixed bugs with new drop-down domain/range menu.


Version 3.5

  1. Fixed bug occuring when using rectangular grid-- left and right vertical hashmarks extended beyond specified height.
  2. Changed "Default Domain" button to "Default View" button.
  3. Added ability to drop-down menu to capture current domain/range and remove last added domain/range.


Version 3.4.2

  1. Color of circles and rays are now more color-blind friendly.
  2. Added ability to grab range with mouse and drag to new locations.
  3. Downgraded JRE requirement from Java 6 to Java 5 to make Mac compatible


Version 3.3.2

  1. Fixed bug in display of cursor location.
  2. Added zoom in/out of domain with mouse click and mouse wheel rotation.


Version 3.3.1

  1. Fixed bug that caused SnapTo button to unexpectedly disappear.


Version 3.3

  1. Adding zooming on domain.
  2. Re-worked some of the look/feel of applet.


Version 3.2

  1. Annoying habit of sketching on graph and then domain jumping has been fixed.
  2. I've moved around some of the input fields, buttons etc. to make use more intuitive.
  3. Addition of a 'snap-to' button allow user to drag domain around and then snap it back to starting location.


Version 3.1

  1. Function choice menu bar was broken in version 3.0. This has been fixed.


Version 3.0

  1. Add zoom capability to range.
  2. Added more Re/Im options in the domain choice menu bar.
  3. Changed defautls for circular grid.
  4. Changed notation for center point of grid to a+bi instead of (a,b).


Version 2.3

  1. Changed "Domain" and "Range" to "Re" and "Im" on pull down menus
  2. Fixed bug that occurred when dragging a grid before inputting a function.


Version 2.2

  1. Sketching does not continue when the mouse exits the graph pad
  2. Refresh of graphers fixed.


Version 2.1

  1. On the polar grid, ray colors and circle colors are different
  2. On rectangular grid, vertical colors and horizontal colors are different
  3. Fixed bug when graphing transformation of rectangular grid.


Version 2.0

  1. Added polar grid option, with ability to skertch on top of grid
  2. Added rectangular grid option with ability to sketch on top of grid
  3. User can drag polar/rectangular grid and see transformations in real time.


Version 1.0

  1. Input complex function for f(z)
  2. Sketch on domain graph (left graph) by dragging mouse.
  3. f(z) is graphed on range graph (right graph) in real time.