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Assessment Practices in Undergraduate Mathematics

Bonnie Gold, Sandra Z. Keith, and William A. Marion, Editors

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Assessment Practices in Undergraduate Mathematics, a collection of assessment practices that have been tried by more than 100 contributors in mathematics at a wide variety of schools, attempts to offer mathematics teachers suggestions from an insider's perspective. The book is not formulaic: no author claims to have "the answer," and many of the projects reported on are still in progress. On the other hand, the articles provide a wealth of suggestions from creative, energetic, and concerned individuals who have had the courage to experiment and to critique their own efforts. Without doubt, the reader will find in these pages encouragement to experiment on his or her own, to find assessment methods which are personally meaningful. Techniques offered in this book range from brief ten-minute classroom exercises and examples of alternative testing, group work and assignments, to examples of how departments may measure the placement of students into courses, the effectiveness of the major, and the quantitative literacy of their graduating students. Teachers beleaguered by formal end-of-term teacher evaluation forms, will find a variety of alternative assessment techniques that provide ways in which the quality of teaching can be better examined.

The MAA also offers a companion volume, Supporting Assessment in Undergraduate Mathematics, as a free download.  The SAUM volume contains 26 case studies offering lessons learned during a four year NSF-sponsored MAA project designed to support mathematicians and mathematics departments in the increasingly important challenge of assessing student learning. Three introductory essays set assessment in broader academic and national contexts: an appendix contains the 2005 revision of the CUPM Guidelines for Assessment of Student Learning.

Assessment Practices in Undergraduate Mathematics

Supporting Assessment in Undergraduate Mathematics


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