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MAA Sections

Sections of the MAA

Active MAA members who reside in the United States and Canada have the benefit of being affiliated with one of its regional sections. At present, the MAA has 29 sections, which are defined by ZIP or postal code. Sections are a vital component of the MAA, and a significant part of the Association's activity is centered on them. Each section holds at least one professional meeting per year, usually in the Spring. Many sections also conduct activities that involve both high school and college students. These include:

  • Sponsoring mathematics contests
  • Advising state departments of education on teacher certification in the mathematical sciences
  • Working with high schools and colleges on course content and curricula
  • Providing lecturers to colleges and high schools

Section Meetings

Section meetings include, but are not limited to:

  • Invited lectures
  • Contributed papers
  • Panel discussions
  • Other activities designed to promote and improve collegiate level mathematics

Section Programs

For a full list of programs available to section members, please visit the link above.

Programs of upcoming section meetings, if not available via the links, may be obtained from the appropriate section secretary.

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Borders for each section are roughly illustrated in the map below.

Allegheny Mountain (1) Louisiana/Mississippi (8) Oklahoma/Arkansas (19)
EPaDel (21) Maryland/DC/Virginia (9) Pacific Northwest (20)
Florida (2) Metro New York (10) Rocky Mountain (22)
Golden (17) Michigan (11) Seaway (27)
Illinois (3) Missouri (13) SoCal/Nevada (24)
Indiana (4) Nebraska/SE South Dakota (14) Southeastern (23)
Intermountain (29) New Jersey (15) Southwestern (25)
Iowa (5) North Central (12) Texas (26)
Kansas (6) Northeastern (16) Wisconsin (28)
Kentucky (7) Ohio (18)

Section Resources

A full list of section resources can be found by clicking the link above:

News and Calendars

Please use the links above to access the Sections list of events, official deadlines, and news. All of the Section information is provided to the Association. If you have any events or news to list, please submit to MAA Communities Coordinator.