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Examples of Outstanding Student Posters

Student research below is organized by discipline




An Invariant For Singular Links

Tsutomu Okano, Carnegie Mellon University
Danny Orton, California State University, Fullerton
Advisor: Carmen Caprau, California State University, Fresno (California State University at Fresno REU)

On the Schur Positivity of Differences of Products of Schur Functions

Jeremiah Emidih, University of California, Riverside
Nadine Jansen, North Carolina A&T State University
Jeremy Meza, Carnegie Mellon University
Advisor: Rosa Orellana, Dartmouth College

On the divisibility and valuations of the Franel numbers

Samantha VanSchalkwyk, Mount Holyoke College
Adela Yang, Bowdoin College
Abraham Schulte, Northwestern University
Advisor: Herbert Medina, Loyola Marymount University & Victor Moll, Tulane University

The Algebra of Block Permutations

Isabel Corona, Metropolitan State University of Denver
Matthew Sarmiento, Columbia University
Ryan Contreras, Columbia University
Advisor: Rosa Orellana, Dartmouth College (Berkeley, California REU)




Weak Rational Ergodicity of Rank-One Trasformations in Infinite Ergodic Theory

Francisc Bozgan, University of California, Los Angeles
Jane Wang, Princeton University
Advisor: Cesar E. Silva, Wiliams College


Applied Math


A Contagion Model of Emergency Airplane Evacuations

Junyuan Lin, Pepperdine University
Advisor: Timothy Lucas, Pepperdine University (UCLA REU)

Expansion of a Stochastic Model for Anelosimus Studiosus Movement During Prey Capture

Alex Quijano, East Tennessee State University
Advisor: Ariel Cintron-Arias, East Tennessee State University

Long-term Behavior of Solutions to a Wave Equation with Degenerate Damping

Thomas Anderson, New Jersey Institute of Technology
William Tritch, Andrews University
Elizabeth Galvin, Marist College
Advisor: Daniel Toundykov and George Avalos, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Submerged Obstacles and Linear Wave Propagation 

Megan Golbek, California State University Monterey Bay
Advisor: Sergei Fomin, California State University Chico




A Within-host Mathematical Model of HIV Infection During Combination Therapies

Candace Baker, University of Central Oklahoma
Advisor: Sean Laverty, University of Central Oklahoma

Dynamical Systems Modeling of the Cold Shock Response in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Katrina Sherbina, Loyola Marymount University
Advisor: Ben G. Fitzpatrick, Kam D. Dahlquist, Loyola Marymount University


Computational Mathematics 


Motif-Based Clustering of Directed Networks

Thomas Reith, Davidson College
Advisor: Laurie J. Heyer, Davidson College

Numerical and Experimental Comparisons of Oceanic Overflow

Frederick Hohman, University of Georgia
Thomas Gibson, Baylor University
Theresa Morrison, San Diego State University
Advisor: Shanon Reckinger, Fairfield University



Constant Vector Curvature In Three-Dimensions

Albany Thompson, Central Washington University
Advisor: Corey Dunn, California State University San Bernardino

Do Polygons Become Asymptotically Regular Under Flow By Curvature?

Ryan Gallagher, University of Connecticut 
Jessie De La Cruz Santos, College of the Holy Cross
Sarah Hadaidi, University of Kentucky
Advisor: Andrew Cooper, North Carolina State University


Graph Theory


Saturation Number of Trees in the Hypercube

Kavish Gandhi, Newton North High School
Advisor: Chiheon Kim, Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

Robust Graph Ideals

Timothy Duff, New College of Florida
Karl Schaefer, Rice University
Advisor: Adam Boocher, University of California, Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley REU)

Towards Generalizing Thrackles to Arbitrary Graphs

Jin-Woo Oh, The Stony Brook School
Advisor: Rik Sengupta, MIT

Random Subtrees of Complete Graphs

Alex Chin, North Carolina State University
Kellie MacPhee, Dartmouth College
Charles Vincent, Lafayette College
Advisor: Gary Gordon, Lafayette College (Lafayette College REU)


Number Theory


A Generalization of Fibonacci Far-Difference Representations and Gaussian Behavior

Philippe Demontigny, Williams College
Advisor: Steven Miller, Williams College

Density of Primes Dividing Terms in the Somos-5 Sequence

Bryant Davis, Wake Forest University
Rebecca Kotsonis, Wake Forest University
Advisor: Jeremy Rouse, Wake Forest University


Positional Game Theory 


Economical Extremal Hypergraphs for the Erdos–Selfridge Theorem

Emily Heath, Occidental College
Advisor: Eric Sundberg, Occidental College




A Geometric Interpretation of Knot Complement Gluings

Martin Bobb, Carleton College
Advisor: Rolland Trapp, California State University, San Bernardino

Classifying Knots in Open Chains with Random Equilateral Polygon Closures

Nicole Lopez, University of St. Thomas
Madeline Shogren, University of St. Thomas
Advisor: Eric J. Rawdon, University of St. Thomas

Torified Rational Links

Karly Brint, Pitzer College
Advisor: Rollie Trapp, CSUSB (California State University, San Bernardino REU)