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Invest in yourself, anytime, anywhere, with new and expanded MAA Virtual Programming.

Missing the opportunity to connect with colleagues, learn new skills, and grow professionally? Inspired by our community, this new initiative offers timely, relevant, and robust content in multiple virtual formats. This is a space for MAA colleagues to congregate, share ideas, and discuss trending topics. Learn from experts or be the expert!

With MAA Virtual Programming:

  • Online delivery ⇒ Accessible from anywhere
  • Active participation ⇒ Make new connections
  • Practical and timely ⇒ Immediately applicable takeaways

Virtual Programming Formats


Always offered free-of-charge to our community, MAA webinars and virtual workshops are typically connected with our grant-sponsored programs. The MAA may also host or co-sponsor events with our partners, such as the Electronic Seminar in Mathematics Education from MIT.


MAA virtual minicourses have a workshop format and focus on aspects of collegiate mathematics, the undergraduate curriculum, and mathematical pedagogy. Active involvement of participants will foster engagement and facilitate connections.

*Panel Discussions

MAA panel discussions will typically feature 3-5 expert panelists along with a moderator, and will include both conversation between panelists and interactions between the panel and the participants.

*Research Seminars

MAA virtual research seminars are designed to provide substantial mathematical content. Speakers for these seminars will be experts in their field committed to giving presentations accessible to a broad, non-expert audience with Q&A time at the end of the presentation.


*In order to maintain the high quality of these new events, these virtual programs will have a fee. Members will receive three coupons per year to attend three virtual events of their choice for free; after the coupons have been used, each virtual event will cost $15. Non-members will pay $25 per virtual event.

Recording Policy

All of our virtual programs will be recorded. The virtual programs recording policy will be posted at the beginning of the presentation and Zoom will notify all attendees when recording begins. The recorded programs can be accessed by registrants by request only. At this time, breakout rooms are not able to be recorded, so recordings of events that are primarily composed of breakout room sessions will be truncated. 

To request a recording of an event, please:

  1. Register for the event and pay the appropriate fee (or use a coupon code, if applicable).
  2. Send an email to with your request, noting the event name, event date/time, and email address that you used to register.
  3. A link to the basic Zoom recording will be provided to that email address approximately 48 hours after the event. The recording is automatically captioned using Zoom's auto-transcribing feature, so please pardon any spelling errors. 

Letters of Participation

Some of our virtual events will offer letters of participation available. The host or moderator will indicate if they are available at the beginning of the presentation. If they are provided, then you must request one by emailing within 48 hours of attending the event. We will verify your attendance, and send you a PDF of the letter within about 5-7 business days. We are not able to offer letters to those who attend the program for less than 30 minutes, or for those who watch the recording only.