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Student Poster Session FAQs

How do I submit an abstract?

You can submit your abstract online. Check the main student poster session page for the link and deadlines.

Do I need to register for MathFest? What do I need to do to participate in the conference?

Yes, you will need to register for the conference, and we recommend you do so by the early registration deadline. You should register in the "Undergraduate Student" category (or appropriate Graduate Student category if you are a current grad student presenting research conducted as an undergrad).

Can I submit a poster on research in the history of mathematics or mathematics education?

Abstracts in both topics are welcome. Research in mathematics education includes qualitative and quantitative analyses of topics related to the teaching and learning of mathematics. Research in the history of mathematics should use appropriate primary sources and recognized scholarly techniques of investigation. In either case, your faculty advisor can help you decide if your project is a good topic for a poster.

Are there travel funds available to participate in the Poster Session?

There are not. The MAA no longer supports student travel with funding from the National Science Foundation Division of Mathematical Sciences (grant DMS-1341843).

Can I bring my own poster board?

You can bring your own board, however the dimensions must be the standard self-standing tabletop posters that are 48″ wide, 36″ high and are tri-fold.

Do Outstanding Presentation Winners receive prize money?

No. Outstanding Presentation Winners receive a certificate, which can be picked up on Saturday morning at the MAA Pavilion in the Exhibit Hall or will be e-mailed to you after the conference.

How do I obtain housing?

Details on getting a discount rate for a hotel room at MAA MathFest in the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown can be found here.

Can I present my research that I did in an REU type program in my institution? It was not NSF funded REU.

Yes, as long as your research is supervised or guided by a faculty member you care eligible to present.

Can I present my research work I did as a summer intern in an industry?

Yes, provided an academic faculty member is also involved in your research as an intern and you were supervised.

Do I have to be present and/or register for MathFest even if I can't go? Can my student still present at the poster session if I do not officially register?

We prefer that a faculty member accompanies the student, just so the student do not feel lost in the midst of many conference attendees and so that the student will have a better experience attending the conference.

How many words does an abstract needs to be? Does the abstract title need to be catchy or just relevant to the research?

An abstract should be within 250 words or less but not less than 50 words. See the MAA Guide to Writing an Abstract. A title must be relevant and capture the essence of the research in 12 to 15 words.

Can I pay for my student and then get reimbursed by MAA?

No, the MAA cannot reimburse you for any student travel or hotel receipts.

Where can I get a copy of our acceptance letter with my name on it?

Email the MAA Communities Coordinator and let them know what you need.