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Undergraduate Paper Competition Offers Cash Prizes and Publication

Undergraduate Paper Competition Offers Cash Prizes and Publication

Cryptologia — a scholarly journal dealing with the history and technology of communications intelligence specializing in the mathematics of cryptology — is sponsoring two undergraduate paper competitions. The winners will receive $300 and have have their papers published in Cryptologia.

The journal has a record of investigating technical and mathematical cryptology as well as intelligence history, fostering the study of the many aspects of cryptology — technical as well as historical and cultural. Editor-in-Chief Brian Winkel, Dept of MathSci, United States Military Academy, West Point, and an editorial board of scholars in cryptology will disseminate worthwhile papers to mathematicians, security specialists, computer scientists, historians, political scientists, and teachers. For more information, see the journal's website at The MAA has received funding to provide support for institutions or groups of institutions that wish to initiate or expand undergraduate mathematics conferences. Conferences may assume any format that accomplishes the primary object of the grant, which is to provide undergraduate students the opportunity to present mathematical results and to better expand their knowledge of the wide range of theory, history, and applications of the mathematics sciences.

The requests for funding will be reviewed throughout the year. It is anticipated that most awards will be between $1,000 and $4,000, but smaller and larger requests will be considered.

More detailed program information, including guidelines for conference organizers and sample proposals, are available through the project website, /rumc.

News Date: 
Friday, November 11, 2005