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The Game of Set Expands into Outer Space

How could contemplation of four-dimensional space and the introduction of “number comets” not make an already fun game yet more enjoyable?

In their article “Sets, Planets, and Comets,” which appears in the puzzle-themed September issue of The College Mathematics Journal, members of the American Institute of Mathematics Math Teachers’ Circle conceive of sets in the game of Set as lines in a certain four-dimensional space.

Running with this geometric characterization, they introduce planes into the game, and, from there, devise a variation of Set (which involves the number comets mentioned earlier). The authors promise that the new game—Planet—“proceeds at a more leisurely pace than the typical frenzy of a Set game.”

So, what are you waiting for? Read the paper and get playing!

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About the September College Mathematics Journal
The September issue of The College Mathematics Journal is a full-color compendium of papers about the mathematics of games, from Set and mancala to Chomp and Boggle. Learn to navigate a triangular honeycomb chessboard; ponder the necessity of stupid dice; or contemplate the jaw-dropping—and perhaps salivation-inducing—prospect of a bar of chocolate that extends to infinity in all directions. Order your copy today!


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Monday, September 9, 2013