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Sections Elections

Sections elections begin Thursday, February 5. Nine Sections (Kansas, Missouri, New Jersey, Northeastern, Ohio, Pacific Northwest, Seaway, Southeastern, and Southwestern) will elect new members to the MAA Board of Governors in 2015.

According to MAA Bylaws,

There shall be a Board of Governors (herein called "the Board") that has oversight responsibility for all the activities of the Association. The Board sets the policies, and gives direction to activities of the Association. The Board receives reports from the Officers, committees, and senior staff, and may request any information needed to carry out its oversight responsibilities. To exercise its fiduciary responsibility, the Board shall receive and act upon reports from the Treasurer, the Budget Committee, and the Audit Committee.

Thus the Board serves a key role in managing and protecting the interests of MAA.

This year, members of the above listed Sections will be able to vote directly from the Member Profile page. Once signed in, the link to 'Vote Now' will be available in the left-side navigation. Participating members will also receive an email from with a link to vote.

The elections end on March 11th (11:59 AKST). We encourage you to participate in your section election.

News Date: 
Monday, February 2, 2015