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Robert Balles and the Tensor Foundation Inducted into the Icosahedron Society

Robert Balles and the Tensor Foundation Inducted into the Icosahedron Society

Carl Cowen, MAA President, Robert Balles, James W. Daniel, Ann Trump Daniel, Karenna Sterrett, Andrew Sterrett, Marie McKellar, and Tina Straley, MAA Executive Director.

MAA President Carl Cowen inducted Robert P. Balles and the Tensor Foundation, represented by Marie McKellar, into the Icosahedron Society at the President's Reception with nearly 100 people in attendance at the 2006 Winter Meeting in San Antonio.

Robert Balles has established the Robert P. Balles Annual Mathematics Awards which includes the Robert P. Balles Mathematics Scholar award (awardees are the 6 IMO team members) and the Robert P. Balles Distinguished Mathematics Student award (awardees are the 12 USAMO winners). The continuation of these awards after his death has been provided for through the gifting to the MAA of a retirement plan. This restricted gift will be used to create the permanently endowed fund to be known as the Robert P. Balles Memorial Endowed Fund which will continue to support these established awards.

Since 1995, the Tensor Foundation has awarded over 130 grants for projects designed to encourage college and university women or high school and middle school girls to study mathematics. The objective of this program is to encourage mathematics faculty to develop projects to increase participation of women in mathematics. Marie, formerly a faculty member at Mercy College in New York, has supported the MAA in many ways; an office at the MAA Headquarters is named in honor or her parents, Viola D. And Bernard J. Hank.

As members of the Icosahedron Society, they received the magnificent crystal icosahedron as a gift in appreciation of their contribution.

The Icosahedron Society was formed in 2000 to recognize individuals who have made significant contributions to the Association. Donations of this type are extraordinary and make it possible for the MAA to continue to promote its mission: to advance the mathematical sciences, especially at the collegiate level.

For further information about contributing to the Association or about The Icosahedron Society, contact Lisa R. Kolbe, Development Manager, at 202-293-1170 or

The Members of the Icosahedron Society

Year 2000
Henry L. Alder
Edith Ross and Edward Brinn
Deborah Tepper Haimo
Mary Alice and Marvin Schaefer

AYear 2001
Akamai Foundation
ExxonMobil Foundation
Microsoft Corporation
Andrew Sterrett, Jr.

Year 2002
Ann Trump Daniel and James W. Daniel

Year 2003
Paul and Virginia Halmos
Mary P. Dolciani Halloran Foundation

Year 2006
Robert P. Balles
Tensor Foundation

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006