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On This Day

  • 12-6-1592

    Galileo delivered his inaugural lecture at the University of Padua, Republic of Venice, where he would teach geometry and astronomy for 18 years.

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    Galileo Galilei
  • 12-6-1682

    Giulio Carlo Fagnano dei Toschi born in Senigallia, Italy. He studied the lemniscate and coined the term "elliptic integral."

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    Giulio Fagnano
  • 12-6-1917

    Kuratowski gave a talk, "On the definitions in mathematics," which became his first published paper. This work grew out of Jan Lukasiewicz's crushing criticism of the foundations of Stanislaw Zaremba's Theoretical Arithmetic (1912). Kuratowski's now famous 1921 definition of ordered pairs also grew out of Lukasiewicz's critique.

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    Kazimierz Kuratowski
    Jan Lukasiewicz