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  • 4-18-1796

    Professor E.A.W. Zimmerman sent a short notice of Gauss's work on constructibility of regular polygons to the Jenenser Intelligenzblatt newspaper. He added, "It is worthy of notice that Herr Gauss is now in his 18th year and has devoted himself here in Brunswick to philosophy and classical literature with just as great success as to higher mathematics."

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    Carl Friedrich Gauss
  • 4-18-1831

    University of the City of New York founded. New York University's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences was founded in 1935.

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    New York University
  • 4-18-1955

    Albert Einstein died in Princeton, New Jersey. The famous physicist had been a citizen of Germany, Switzerland, and the United States, and was offered the presidency of Israel.

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    Albert Einstein