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  • 5-26-1899

    Otto Neugebauer born in Innsbruck, Austria. A historian of ancient and medieval mathematics and astronomy, he also founded the two review services, Zentralblatt fur Matematik in Germany and Mathematical Reviews in the U.S.

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    Otto Neugebauer
  • 5-26-1901

    Giuseppe Peano left the Royal Military Academy in Turin, where he had taught for fifteen years, apparently due to a turn for the worse in his teaching. Earlier he had been a very good teacher and the author of several excellent texts. However, as his work in mathematical logic matured, he devoted too much time to what the students called "the symbols."

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    Giuseppe Peano
  • 5-26-1926

    Frank Nelson Cole died in New York City. At the time of his death he was a professor of mathematics at Columbia, but was living in a boarding house under an assumed name, claiming to be a bookkeeper. The AMS Cole Prize in Algebra is named after him.

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    Frank Nelson Cole