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On This Day

  • 5-30-1423

    Astronomer Georg Peurbach, who collaborated with his student Regiomontanus (Johann Mueller), was born in Peurbach, Austria, on this day.

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    Georg Peurbach
  • 5-30-1800

    Karl Feuerbach, most famous for discovering the nine point circle of a triangle, was born in Jena, Germany, on this day.

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    Karl Feuerbach
  • 5-30-1814

    Eugene Catalan born in Bruges, Belgium. He worked on continued fractions and number theory and invented the Catalan numbers.

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    Eugene Catalan
  • 5-30-1832

    Galois mortally wounded. He suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen in a duel and was left for dead, but a peasant took him to a hospital.

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    Evariste Galois