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  • 9-28-1698

    Pierre Louis de Maupertuis born in Saint Malo, France. He was the developer of the physical principle of least action.

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    Pierre Louis de Maupertuis
    Principle of Least Action
  • 9-28-1873

    Julian Lowell Coolidge born in Boston, Massachusetts. After an education at Harvard (B.A. 1895), Oxford (B. Sc. 1897), Turin (with Corrado Segre), and Bonn (with Eduard Study, Ph.D. 1904), the American geometer came back to Harvard to teach until he retired in 1940. He was an enthusiastic teacher with a flair for witty remarks.

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    Julian Lowell Coolidge
  • 9-28-490 BCE

    Greeks defeated Persians at Marathon. A Greek soldier was dispatched to notify Athens of the victory, running the entire distance and providing the name and model for the modern "marathon" race.

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    The Battle of Marathon