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New Positions at the MAA in Publications and Student Activities

New Positions at the MAA in Publications and Student Activities

The MAA is growing. Over the last five years, the MAA has created new programs, dramatically increased book titles, added online journals, columns, and resources, and seen greatly increased involvement by students. Two new positions have been created to meet our growing needs. The persons who we seek will have the opportunity to shape their positions and create new programs. Each position affords an exciting opportunity to have significant impact on the MAA and benefit all who turn to the MAA to enhance their professional lives.

Director of Publications for Journals and Communications


The publications programs of the MAA have experienced tremendous growth. In the past five years alone, all book series have grown and so have periodical publications and web content. MAA created MathDL, the Mathematical Sciences Digital Library, and will soon unveil The Math Gateway, linking MathDL and fifteen other mathematics digital libraries. The MAA website now contains JOMA, Convergence, MAA Reviews, Classroom Capsules, and eight very popular columns. Math Horizons goes to each student member and has a growing number of devotees; Focus, in print and online, is a rich resource for news and information. The three MAA print journals - the Monthly, Mathematics Magazine, and the College Mathematics Journal - will soon be on line for subscribers to read, browse, and search.

And there are lots more things to do. In particular, there is great potential to use the web for delivery of more resources for our members. The strategic vision for the MAA specifies that the MAA website should be the primary destination for information and resources for college faculty and students, prospective students, and all those interested in expository mathematics.

With Don Albers stepping out of his Director of Publications position, we have found that it will take more than one person to replace him. Don will continue to oversee the direction of the books program as MAA Books Editorial Director, and Elaine Pedreira Sullivan will manage marketing, production, and day to day operations.

The MAA seeks the first Director of Publications for Journals and Communications. This person will oversee all periodical publications, including Focus, scholarly journals in print and on the web, Math Horizons, web columns, and all web resources, including MathDL, The Math Gateway, MAA Reviews, and Classroom Capsules. In addition, the new Director will develop new web resources and services and write articles and reports on MAA programs and activities and on issues of concern to members of our community.

Associate Director for Student Activities


The MAA has many activities and resources for students. These include MAA Student Chapters, NSF funded Undergraduate Research Conferences, travel grants to national meetings, student paper sessions, student poster sessions, the Student Hospitality Room at MathFest, the National Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program (funded by NSF, NSA, and Moody's Foundation), Tensor Grants for Women and Mathematics, Math Horizons Magazine, career information, TA Training Workshops, section student competitions, the Putnam Exam; and, for pre-college students the MAA runs the largest student competition in the Americas, the American Mathematics Competitions. We plan to expand activities and services for students, especially undergraduate and graduate students and make the MAA website a major destination for students of all ages and educational levels.

MAA is creating the new position of Associate Director for Student Activities to oversee and expand all student activities except those that come under the umbrella of the American Mathematics Competitions. In particular, this person will oversee the building of a national structure for student chapters and create a full-service website for students of all ages who seek information on majors, research opportunities, graduate school programs, and job and career information in the mathematical sciences. This is an exciting opportunity and it comes at an auspicious time as MAA embarks on strategic planning in the area of student activities and other issues.

News Date: 
Tuesday, May 16, 2006