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Mathematical Association of America Welcomes New Deputy Executive Director, Rachel Levy

Washington, DC - Rachel Levy, former professor and associate dean at Harvey Mudd College, joined the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) as deputy executive director on Aug. 1, 2018. An active member of the MAA, Levy brings guidance and leadership to the MAA’s mission to advance the understanding of mathematics and its impact on our world.

"I am excited to have Rachel join the professional staff at the Mathematical Association of America because of her experience and leadership across sectors that span education, administration and industry," said Michael Pearson, executive director of MAA. "She has been involved with the MAA from the beginning of her professorial career but also brings fresh perspectives and connections to the organization.  She is energetic and thoughtful about the way she approaches problems and I am excited about her desire to take on new professional horizons." 

“I am passionate about mathematical modeling education and mathematics communication. I want everybody to see mathematics as something beautiful and powerful that can be found all around them. I want everyone to believe that mathematics belongs to them,” said Levy. 

In addition to her roles as professor and associate dean for faculty development at Harvey Mudd College, Levy served as vice president for education for the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). At SIAM, she advocated internationally for mathematical modeling education connecting K-12 to careers.  

Levy has co-authored a PDE text, the GAIMME report, and SIAM books on modeling and careers. She was a recipient of the 2016 Harvey Mudd College Outstanding Faculty Member award and a 2013 MAA Alder Award for teaching.

As an MAA member, Rachel was a Project NExT Fellow, has written for MAA FOCUS magazine, served on the Science Policy Committee, and discussed industry careers with the BIG SIGMAA and the Joint Committee on Employment Opportunities. She has served on the editorial board of Math Horizons magazine, served as writer and editor for the MAA Teaching Tidbits blog and served on advisory committees for the CUPM Guide and the Instructional Practices Guide.



News Date: 
Thursday, August 16, 2018