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MAA National Elections Coming Up in April

MAA National Elections

By Martha J. Siegel, Secretary

Candidates for President

Joseph A. GallianWilliam James (Jim) LewisRobert E. Megginson

A new MAA President has just taken office; how can it be time for elections again? The reason is the MAA's system of allowing future Presidents a full year of President-Elect status, during which time they participate in the governance of the Association and get ready for their two years as President. So it's time to elect the person who will serve as President-Elect in 2006 and then as President in 2007 and 2008. It's also time to choose new MAA Vice-Presidents who will serve in 2006 and 2007.

Election booklets and ballots will be mailed by approximately April 1. As in the 2003 national election, members will be able to vote either electronically or using paper ballots.

The Candidates for the MAA National Elections are:

President-Elect: Joseph A. Gallian (University of Minnesota, Duluth), William James (Jim) Lewis (University of Nebraska, Lincoln), and Robert E. Megginson (University of Michigan).

First Vice-President: Amy Cohen (Rutgers University), William Hawkins, Jr. (University of the District of Columbia), and Carl Pomerance (Dartmouth College).

Second Vice-President: Deanna B. Haunsperger (Carleton College), Mario Umberto Martelli (McKenna College), and Janet P. Ray (Seattle Central Community College, ret.)

From the Ballot:

TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION: In accordance with Article IV, Sections 1(a) and 2 of the Bylaws of the Association, you are hereby afforded an opportunity to vote for candidates for the offices of President-Elect for a term of one year (who will become President in 2007 for a term of two years), First Vice-President for a term of two years, and Second Vice-President for a term of two years.

The Bylaws provide for approval voting. Thus each voting member of the Association may vote for as many candidates for each office as he or she desires. Since voting for all three of the candidates for an office leads to the same outcome as voting for none of them, you may choose to vote for one or two candidates for each office. For a detailed discussion on approval voting, see the FOCUS article, Volume 7, Number 2, March-April 1987, pp 2, 5.

Members of the Nominating Committee were Thomas F. Banchoff (Chair), David Bressoud, Wade Ellis, Jr., Aparna W. Higgins, and Ann Watkins. For each office, the Nominating Committee shall declare elected the person having received the most votes and been determined by the Nominating Committee to be willing and able to serve. In the case of ties, the Nominating Committee shall make the selection from among those tied. The candidate's statements (will appear online soon) are limited to 250 words for President-Elect, and 150 words for First Vice-President and Second Vice-President. Within their statements, the candidates were asked to submit their MAA activities, other professional activities, and what they think are the main challenges facing the MAA.

News Date: 
Monday, February 14, 2005