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MAA Mentoring Network

The MAA Committee on Early Career Mathematicians (ECM) announces the MAA Mentoring Network. This new project is aimed at connecting early career mathematicians with experienced mentors working in mathematics. The ECM committee has received Executive Committee approval to pilot the program for three years in order to assess feasibility and potential impact on the mathematics community. The first cohort for the program will be organized in time for the fall semester.

Mentors will support mentees in many ways. They can help explore career options, answer questions during a job search, or provide advice on the first job. Most importantly, they are available to answer questions and help make connections with the larger mathematical community.

Anyone working in their first five years in a mathematics career, or within a year of entering a career in the mathematical sciences (such as a graduate student), is encouraged to apply to be matched with a mentor. Matches consider several criteria, including career interests, geographical location, and research area, with the goal of matching in at least one of these areas. The mentor request form allows mentees to specify the criteria that matter most to them. Applications for the current year should be submitted by August 1 and we hope to make matches in time for MathFest.

Once a mentor request is submitted, a member of the MAA Committee on Early Career Mathematicians reviews the application and searches our mentor database for a suitable mentor. The mentor and mentee are then contacted and introduced by email. If we cannot find a mentor to match all the requested criteria, we will contact the applicant and suggest a close match or let him or her know that we will keep searching and be in contact again.

More information is available for potential mentors and for would-be mentees.

News Date: 
Thursday, June 19, 2014